Welcome to The African Heritage Foundation

Our Mission

Promoting a better understanding between Africans and African-Americans to sustain the black man's dignity, emancipation and pride; and to create more awarness about our mutual values and virtues as people of color.

Promoting, advancing and strengthening cultural awarness between African and African-Americans through cultural exchanges, economic development, thechnology transfer, health promototions and preventive initiatives.

Fostering, significant beneficial changes within our respective communities.


Our Vision

The mission of Africa heritage Foundation is to elevate and promote Africa's image and profile in the United States as well as educate the American public about Africa emancipation, culture, and values. Our goal is to broaden and strengthen the network on African potentials and serve as a major landmark with a mission to promote and reinvigorate the essence and values of unity amongst the entire black race and the promotion of Africa as the emergence "culture of cultures".