View the 2008 USAfrica Conference and Expo

Adetunji Promotes African Culture in Brevard


View the USAfrica Conference 2007 in Atlanta Georgia

Tribute to Olusegun Obasanjo "The Living legend of Africa"

Letter of Appreciation
Akanmu G. Adebayo, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Institute for Global Initiatives
Kennesaw State University

Hon. Ambassador Amina Salum Ali April 30th, 2007

Ambassador Patrick Nandago

Dr Wangari Maathai Awards

Africa The Continent of Possibilities
Key Note Address
1st Pan African Cultural
Congress of the African Union
Addis Ababa-Ethiopia
Delivered by: Chief Tunde Adetunji

Sierra leone Day in Atlanta

Nigeria Independance

Namibia day of glory

Kenyatta Day Celebration in Atlanta

Presentation of the Africa Heritage Foundation Ever Green Award.

Visit to Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce

2nd East Africa Diaspora Soccer Tournament Competition.
Organized by Kim Media Group

Visit of the Honorable Ambassador Amina Ali,
Permanent Representative to the United States,
visit to the African World Museum and Africa Heritage Foundation

Kennesaw State University
Building the Bridge and Bridging the Gap

African Union featured for the first
time, during the American national
Independance Day Celebration on the Fourth of July.

Presentation of the 1st PAN
African conference report to
the Secretary of State

Africa Day Celebration Pictures

Historic day in Atlanta, Africa day Celebration